OFEK: The Israeli Center for Public Affairs

OFEK, meaning horizon in Hebrew, works toward a future in which two independent states–Israel and Palestine–exist side by side in peace and security while providing equal rights to all of their citizens. Rooted in our extensive understanding of developments on the ground, OFEK works to identify new opportunities to promote a better and more just future for both peoples and strives to advance liberal democratic values among the Israeli public. 

OFEK researches Israel’s evolving policies in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and examines how they contribute to entrenching the conflict and how they impact both societies.

OFEK engages with policymakers, politicians, public figures and civil society activists in Israel, as well as with international stakeholders. 

Democracy, equality, peace, security and principles of international law form the basis of OFEK’s vision for Israel’s future and are the guiding principles of the center’s activities. Through research, publications of policy documents, briefings, and tours in the Occupied Palestinian Territory for policymakers and public opinion leaders, OFEK presents a clear Israeli voice calling for an end to the military occupation and freedom and equality for Palestinians and Israelis alike.